Karlstad University

Faculty of Arts and Education

We are one of the youngest universities in Sweden. This makes us a little more modern; a little more adventurous. We see it as our role to challenge the established and investigate the unknown.
It is our ambition to contribute to the development of knowledge both at the international, regional and individual level. With our openness, creativity and multidisciplinarity we have already attained a significant level of academic achievement. Underpinning all out teaching and research is a close dialogue with private companies and public organizations. We can thus offer one of the most inspirational university environments in the country.
The sun is the symbol of the University, representing as it does life, warmth and energy. It provides light and symbolises enlightenment and growth.

The main aim of Karlstad University is to provide broad-based, multidisciplinary programmes for students in Sweden and visiting students from abroad, while developing strong areas of research.
The university currently offers about 50 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 20 Master’s level degree programmes and 900 courses in the humanities and fine arts, social and economic sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, health care and teacher training.
The degree programmes take at least three years and lead to a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a professional degree in, for instance, teaching, engineering, or nursing. At present, several master programmes and more than 100 courses are offered in English. To make education accessible to more people, the university also invests in distance education with electronic communication.
In 1999, when the former Karlstad University College received university status, doctoral programmes were introduced. Today, doctoral degrees are awarded in as many as 26 disciplines.
Research has grown rapidly in recent years. To meet future demands for sustainable development, much research at the university is multidisciplinary, and the ambition is to further develop its leading research fields, notably communication and services, pulp, paper and surface treatment, printing technology, packaging, the environment, tool materials, education, working life science, tourism and leisure, and gender relations.
External relations
Karlstad University enjoys strong local and regional support, not least from the municipality of Karlstad. The university is central to regional development, and contributes nationally and internationally to the generation of knowledge. Close contact is also maintained with many universities and research institutes through a wide range of national and international projects and activities. Our ambition is to become one of the top universities in Europe in terms of cooperation with external partners, actors, and institutions.

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