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nordmedia - Film and media support in Niedersachsen and Bremen
nordmedia - the Media Company for Niedersachsen/Bremen and their affiliate nordmedia Fonds GmbH were established to strengthen the media industry in Niedersachsen and Bremen.
nordmedia Fonds GmbH is the central media promotion organisation in Niedersachsen and Bremen. It acts as a motor for the development and as a service provider. It represents a centre of communication and information for the media industry of the region. The aim of the organisation is to strengthen and further develop the multimedia cultural scene in Niedersachsen and Bremen in both quantitative and qualitative terms. nordmedia´s transnational approach is to help increase production and post-production in the North Sea Region. The media region of Niedersachsen and Bremen and the North Sea Region have a lot to offer. nordmedia helps creative scriptwriters and producers in the film and television sector to successfully realize their projects.

More than you expect!
The cultural-economic film and media funding scheme is the central concern of nordmedia. Not only as a provider of funding but also as a partner in all phases of realisation of creative projects. Nordmedia seeks to increase the region´s competitiveness and to promote the North Sea Region.
All projects that promote locations either culturally or economically are eligible for funding. Grants may be awarded in the areas of script and project development, production, distribution, copying and sales as well as presentation upon application and in accordance with EU-approved funding guidelines. We additionally support cultural events and festivals as well as investments and qualification programmes. nordmedia offers three submission dates for applications in all funding areas each year. The decision to grant funds to applicants is the responsibility of the nordmedia allocation committee. Besides other criteria, funds are only granted to applicants on condition that the amount awarded is at least 100% disbursed in either Niedersachsen or Bremen. The staff of nordmedia will be glad to deal with your enquiries, to provide assistance in the preparation of your applications and to help you to get access to global media markets.
nordmedia organises the support scheme in collaboration with strong company associates and partners. Financial contributions are not only provided by the state of Niedersachsen and the Hanseatic City of Bremen but also by the broadcasters NDR, Radio Bremen and the ZDF. Via nordmedia Fonds GmbH, it is thus possible to grant project funds amounting to about 9 million Euros each year.
Applications for funding may be submitted for different phases of a project. Relevant details regarding funding applications are available at our website, where you will also find information on funding regulations as well as all the necessary application forms and information leaflets. Members of the nordmedia staff will be glad to provide you with additional information and advice at any time.

For more information on nordmedia go to www.nordmedia.de


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