FilmFyn A/S

FilmFyn is a regional fund, covering South Funen, in Denmark. We are involved in national and international films and TV-series, from the development stage and onwards and work closely with other Danish and international partners.

The South Funen area offers beautiful nature, quaint villages and towns and lots of water and small islands - and postproduction facilities as well as a film studio! The studio has two stages - 700 m2 each. Since its establishment in 2002 FilmFyn has focused on creating and supporting training initiatives with film content and other film activities. So far it has given support to more than 50 feature films, documentaries, tv-series and short films.

We engage in a variety of events, which all have direct or indirect relationships with our efforts to invest in film and thus promoting film activity in Fyn. FilmFyn encourages all forms of education and talent development that relate to film. We develop film festivals, workshops, cultural and educational films for all children and young people in Funen, organizing in particular Skolefilmfestival.dk.

FilmFyn has also introduces Filmtourism in Denmark. 

For more on FilmFyn A/S go to www.filmfyn.dk


Bo Damgaard - Managing Director
FilmFyn A/S
Ostergade 17, st.
Phone: +4530423600
Email: bo@filmfyn.dk
Web: www.filmfyn.dk